Open Science is one of my main conserns in research for two main reasons:

  • it allows for technical review and replication of results. Material and methods sections of journal papers can be sometimes too short to explain what is really behind a result.
  • once a result is established, sharing the ressources that led to the conclusion is a good start for learning, teaching or communicating with other scientists.

My research are higly transdiscipinary. With this page, I hope to advertise and sum up my contribution to and for a trully Open Science. All my projects are stored on GitHub, you can acces my public at this link. Here is a non-sxhaustive list of projects further advertised on this webpage:

  • NeuRon Virtulizer or NRV: this python package is contains models of electrical interactions (stimulation, recording and impedance measurment) of peripheral nerve. A large part of my research is dedicated on this tools that simulates influence of arbitrary stimuli on axonal activity. NRV code can be found on this page ; it is based on other scientifically recordnized third parties software such as Neuron and the FEniCS project, and marginally COMSOL (not required as non-open source, however well used in the modeling community, used for comparative purpose mainly). NRV can be easilly installed using pip (see NRV’s pypi page), a full documentation of the project is hosted on ReadTheDocs.
  • BIMMS: this project is both open hardware and open software for electrical impedance measurements of bio-electronic electrodes. Spectroscopic, galvanostatic or potentiostatic, in 2- or 3- or 4-points configurations are possible. More complex measures with custom stimuli (multisine, random…) is also possible. You can access the code and design files on this github page and it is possible to install a Python interface using pip (see BIMMS’s pypi page). This tool has been scientifically validated and published in Hardware-X.